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January 2016



February 2016

Carnaval .


March 2016

Bucerías, Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta, hiking in the hills, pictures around Ajijic and Chapala.


April 2016

Mezcala Island Day Trip


May 2016

Trying a little change in the camera settings. Ajijic, Tapalpa and the Valley of Enigmas,Mazamitla with a ride across El Tigre to Valle de Juarez, San Antonio Plaza, my walking trail, and other odd photos.,


June 2016

Chapala, Sandy and Daniel's Tequila bar on the mountain, cruzing in the hills near the Oak Forest Trail.


July 2016

Guachimontones is a prehispanic archaeological site. It is the major site of the so-called Teuchitlán tradition, a complex society that existed from as early as 300 BCE until perhaps 900 CE. Sayula is home to Ojeda Knives amazing to say the least.


August 2016

A 4 hour drive around Lake Chapala. Stopping in Petatan, Cojumatlan with a beautiful old church, through the town of San Pedro to Octolan and the pretty rock bluff with a lake. Day trip to Mazimitla where the temperture just flat got cool.


September 2016

Globos Festival, the lake, a flower, a nursery.


October 2016

October flowers, and a trip to Panama City Florida with Aiden.


November 2016

Flowers, flowers and more flowers.


December 2016

A drive to Colima. I am going to get photos of Volcan de Colima and Volcan Nevada. Volcan de Colima is the most active volcano in Mexico. You can see the volcanos from a distance, but I decide to get closer for a better picture. In the little town of San Marcos we stop for water, and I step into the street to see if I can get a photo. The next moment it erupts to no longer be seen in the ash and steam. Oh well.

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