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New Years Eve

New Years Eve 2018

A Gonzalas New Year Eve celebration.

Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018

Nidia and I having dinner at Southern Sisters Restuarant with some good eating. Somewhere two Alabama sisters got lost in Mexico. Christmas Eve dinner, and then breakfast on Christmas day in Jocotepec. Nothing like a little food from the grill later in the day.

Terranova School

Terranova School 2018

Alan's 8th birthday celabration at school, and the Terranova Christmas show.


November 2018

Wandering around in Ajijic in November you see all kinds of stuff. The new Ajijic sign on the malecon is an interesting sight.


November 2018 Zacatecas

November and Nidia's trip to Zacatecas to see Grandma.


October 2018 and hunting wildflowers 

Valle de Juarez, San Cristobal Zapotitlan, Wild flower drive into the hills, Los Charales, and a family get together.


October 2018 Wild Flowers

A walk and all the flowers I just happened to have a camera for.

Mansker Creek Park

September 2018

A trip to the USA for a month. Sequoyah Musuem for a balloon Festival that never flew because of bad weather. Photos of the farm on the hill which is teaming with wild animals. Maryville town center, passing time in the Mansker Creek park in Goodlettsville with the historic fort and houses. A flight from Nashville to Las Vegas.  A Fiesta in Ajijic.

Old flour mill

August 2018

Logging the modern way, the Golden Eagle nest, the restaurant zone,Tellico Blockhouse, Sunrise over Lake Chapala and just walking the streets.

Tuesday Market

July 2018

Gonzales family, Lake Chapala, Magdalena, Tuesday Market

Lake Chapala

June 2018

Lake Chapala and the local area 2018.

Independence Park

May 2018

Independence Park and the Japanese Gardens in Bosque Colomos Park in Guadalajara.


April 2018

The row of Jacaronda in Villa Nova, and old Flour mill long out of use, Nidia and Alan in La Canacinta, and Artist Javier Zaragosa making wall art come alive.


March 2018

Around the lake area Chapala and Ajijic.


March 2018

Bikini Car Fest Chapala. Volkswagen Beetle heaven since Beetles where made in Mexico until 2004.


February 2018

A Sunday morning breakfast at El Bambu in the restaurant zone. Carnival in Chapala and Ajijic with sights and sounds of Mexico, a Volkswagen van meet held on the lake front with over 150 Volkswagen vans. The Mexican Chili Cookoff held once a year which is a charity event.


January 2018

A trip to Manzanillo to warm up January 2018.

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